Accession Capital Advisors

Advising businesses and capital advisors on transactions.

Your business is personal.

Most entrepreneurs don’t start their business with a plan to get out. They start their business to run a business. This is where we can help. We provide a process that helps get you from where you are to where you want to be.

Accession Capital Advisors has:

  • Over 100 years’ combined experience in exit planning
  • Handled nearly 400 mergers and acquisitions
  • Fortune 500 business experience

Did You Know?

  • 66% of the current U.S. business market is owned by Baby Boomers who plan to exit in the next ten years
  • 83% of these business leaders do not have a clearly defined plan or have not clearly communicated it
  • 100% of these business owners can make a plan, execute a plan and transcend to their desired goal with Accession Capital Advisors’ help

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