Whether you are an individual or a company considering making an acquisition you should establish a M&A process and steps for acquiring a business.

The business acquisition process must begin with a clear strategic goal and specific criteria for evaluating potential targets. When you have both, you can seriously begin working to acquire a company.

When a target meets your strategic goal, and there are no red flags as you move through due diligence and begin to develop relationships with its stakeholders (here you must realize keeping an eye towards integration and change management/culture are essential), you can move forward with the potential acquisition.

Finally, you should not pursue the acquisition of a company when you are overly emotional. Specifically, do not let the lure of the chase and/or perceived fantasies about what the deal might yield be factors when you acquire a business.

The steps in the M&A process you should consider are:

  • Establish a motive for the acquisition
  • Create a search criteria
  • Do Research
  • Set up introductory meetings
  • Make an offer
  • Conduct due diligence
  • Close the deal

At Accession Capital Advisors we can help guide you through each of these steps in the M&A process working with our valuation, investment banking, due diligence and legal partners to get you to a successful transaction.